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As of February 1st 2018 our deposit policy is this:

A $200 waiting list fee will be required to hold your place on the waiting list for the upcoming litter. If a resulting litter does not occur the $200 will either be returned or transferred to the next planned litter.

Once the litter arrives a non-refundable $600 deposit is required. The $200 waiting list fee is added to make the $800 deposit. This $800 deposit is non-refundable nor transferable between litters. By sending a deposit you are committing to us and to that current litter. If we decide that none of the puppies in the current litter would not be a match for your family, the deposit would then, and only then, be transfered to the next available litter.

Pricing Information

We ask $2,800 for our puppies which are eligible to be AKC registered. They will be up to date on vaccines, wormed and vet checked before going to their new homes. Puppies are sold with limited regisration and sold under a spay/neuter contract. All the parents have completed and passed their health tests, which includes OFA Hips, Elbows, CERF (eye testing), LPN1, LPN2 & LEMP. These results can be viewed by clicking each dog's picture. We also no longer ship; families either have to drive here, fly here and take the puppy back in the cabin of the plane or they can hire a friend of ours that will fly with the puppy to the new owners airport.



As of 2013 our registration policy is this:

All of our puppies are eligible to be registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). Due to increasing number of registration papers getting lost in the mail, misplaced, or unintentionally destroyed we are now asking for the registration fee ($35 for AKC) in addition to the final asking price. We will submit the registration forms and the certificate will be mailed directly to the new owners.

 Things to remember:


Pawprint.jpgWe cannot stress how much of a commitment a puppy is. Puppies need time, work, love and understanding. It is just like having a new baby in the house, though these babies grow up quite a bit faster!

Pawprint.jpgOur time is just as valuable as yours! Please truly consider your plans and schedule before contacting us about a puppy. Emergencies come up and we understand that but we ask that you don't contact us about a puppy now and then realize when the puppies are almost ready to go to their new homes that 6 months would be a better time for you.

Pawprint.jpgWhen filling out your questionnaire pay attention to your answers. Don't answer it with short responses that are not thought out just because you want to get it back to us quickly. This is a HUGE reference for us when matching the puppies with the families. Don't add something that you don't really mean and don't change your mind after sending it in. Changes are natural are we understand that, but please don't say that you prefer a male that would be a good family companion and then decide that you a female to do therapy work with. 

Pawprint.jpgWhen looking at the pictures and videos you only get to see a small window of what we've been seeing for the past 8+ weeks. We do try to go along with your preferences but in the long run we make the final decision of what puppy is going to what family. We can't base such a big and life altering decision on what a family see in a video or if they visit for a short while.

 Pawprint.jpgWe are usually working with several other families, not just yours. We really do try to work with everyone to get the best dog possible for your family, but not every family can get that same cute puppy that takes the best pictures or the largest pup in the litter! If the size is there, it will come! We've been matching puppies with families for years. We have a minimum of 20+ years to over 50+ years experience raising dogs. Please trust our experience.

 Pawprint.jpgAll of our puppies will be sold under and spay/neuter contract unless previous arrangement have been made. You cannot decide when signing the contract that all of a sudden you would like the option to breed. Raising puppies takes a lot of time and hard work and is certainly not for everyone! There are a lot of risks when breeding and puppy raising. You could even lose your beloved family companion. So please do not think that you can get a puppy and let her have a litter or two so your kids can experience the joy of life. It would be traumatizing to have them watch their dog die because of your families inexperience in raising dogs. Emergencies do come up and if you don't know the signs... Also, it is a HUGE job finding the right home for all of the puppies. Even experienced and reputable breeders aren't always able to find good homes. Puppies have come back, been mistreated, and sometimes you have to keep a puppy because no one wanted it. So keep in mind that you could end up with 8-10 new dogs that you never planned on keeping.

 Our Promise to you:


All of our puppies are raised with gentle love and care in our home. Someone sleeps next to the puppies for at least the first 4 weeks of their lives to try ensure the safest beginning possible. From day one we handle the puppies, getting them used to being touched all over their bodies and trim their nails. At about 3 weeks old we beginning playing our puppy sounds CD, which has various noises to get an early start on socializing the puppies to numerous loud and sometimes scary noises. We take them to new places in and outside our home to get them used to different types of flooring and new situations. We try to take weekly puppy pictures and videos to share with the new puppy families. The puppies are also socialized with our young nieces/granddaughters, our other dogs and animals, and some of the farm life.


(C) Stony Creek Leonbergers 2013